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Sizing Actuators for Damper Applications

The number of actuators required depends on several factors. Follow these steps to determine the quantity of actuators required for the installation.

STEP 1: Obtain damper torque ratings (in-lb/ft2 or Nm/m2) from the damper manufacturer.

STEP 2: Determine the area of the damper.

STEP 3: Calculate the total torque required to move the damper as follows:

Enter Torque Rating of Damper (see "Caution" below) (in-lb/ft2):
Enter Damper Area Width (inches):
Enter Damper Area Height (inches):
Total Required Torque is:

Caution: To ensure proper actuator sizing use the manufacturer's recommendation for torque requirements.

Manufacturer's torque requirements very greatly depending on seals, static pressure, velocity and damper design. If no additional information is available, use the following rule of thumb: 6 in-lb/ft2.

This calculator sponsored by Dodge Engineering: DEI manufactures and distributes a wide selection of Actuators, Control Valves and Dampers (Electric & Pneumatic) for the HVAC, Process Control and OEM markets. DEI offers "The Complete Solution" for Air and Fluid Control.

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